Courtni VecchiarelliCourtni Vecchiarelli is a writer that has recently relocated from Denver, Colorado to the beautiful city of Manhattan, New York. A self-proclaimed aesthete, Courtni (also known as Teeni) is a “geek chic” accountant turned journalist. The tiny poet enjoys giving savvy fashion advice, and is known around town for her avant-garde style.

Courtni graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and started working with Plentii as a humorous financial writer, as well as JustMeans, writing about eco fashion and ethicial consumption. She then went on to join Examiner.com as the Fashion & Beauty Recruitment Manager. In November of 2011, Courtni led a team of writers, designers, photographers, models, investors, and advertisers to publish American Beauty Denver, a print magazine with a 10K distribution base.

Courtni Vecchiarelli has always been enthralled with New York City, captivated by the energy and life that pulsates through the streets. Following her passion for the written word, she packed her whole life into six suitcases and made the voyage to live in the homeland of the American dream.

Contact Courtni at [email protected] or follow her on twitter @CourtniV.