Eco Fashion Week Vancouver: Ethical style on the runway

Eco Fashion Week

Elyse Levesque shot by Raphael Mazzucco, courtesy of

Only seven short months after hosting the Winter Olympics, Vancouver is now organizing an additional showcase of skill and dedication: Eco Fashion Week 2010. The event will take place from September 28th through September 30th, and will bring some of the most talented eco fashion designers from around the world to debut their latest green garments on the runway.

Eco Fashion Week Vancouver (EFW) has a mission “to celebrate responsible principles and style, to identify and refine sustainable industry practices” and “to educate and inform [individuals] about eco-friendly fashion.” This bi-annual event is very similar to other fashion weeks that take place around the world, but EFW will solely feature designers practicing sustainability and ethical responsibility. They even have a set of “eco criteria” for each clothing line to be evaluated on during the application process including standards of fair trade, natural textiles, recycled materials, cruelty free, resource efficiency, and eco certification.

EFW also is promoting items that are demi-couture, or made-to-order designs, to encourage quality fashion that is made slowly with care, versus mass-produced garments that wear easily and thus are thrown away more quickly. They are drawn to designers that are very local in nature, constructing their fashions from within their own communities as well as the idea of vintage and second-hand items being used in the creations.
The Green Advisory Board (GAB) is aiding Eco Fashion Week Vancouver in organizing this large event. They provide insight and guidance to EFW to help bring the excitement and talent of major fashion shows and the passion and commitment of sustainable practices together for the last week of September.
One stand-out designer that will be collaborating for this global event is Nicole Bridger, a Canadian native artist with an extremely successful line of sustainable women’s wear. The company states, “To take care of the earth’s people we help spread the word of love through our affirmation labels ‘I am love’ in each piece of clothing.”
Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver, and Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, have both shown their support for Eco Fashion Week Vancouver. With the continual growth within the fashion industry to concentrate on sustainable developments, the city of Vancouver has become one of the world’s eco fashion capitals, where recycled, organic, and ethically produced fashion has been a priority.
Eco Fashion Week Vancouver should bring the global fashion community just one step closer to environmental awareness. If you couldn’t make it out for the Winter Games in February, consider visiting Canada as the colder months approach. Instead of rooting for red, white, or blue – everyone will be cheering green!