The Corner Where I Work

The Corner Where I Work


I saw you in passing today.

Unexpected as my bus pulled away from your familiar figure.

I saw your steps kiss the pavement my footsteps had been.

One second lapse between existing as the same person.


My face locked against the window,

My stare calling your name.

When you looked up, I swore you saw me.

Wondering if you recognized my face among the rest.


My legs numb and shaking.

Scared stiff from the ghost of our interlocked pasts.

My soul jumped off at the next stop to meet you,

My cast-iron chest anchored my quivering body to the train.


Your tie engraved into my memory,

I imagined I had helped you pick it out this morning.

As if things would have been how they should have been,

Before law degrees and fashion magazines.


When I walked back to meet you,

My cheeks were filled with blood and hot with tears.

The opportunity had came and left, just like you.

Sickening regret smiled and grabbed my hand.


This time it was you, and next time it may not be,

Haunted by strangers with a lover’s resemblance.

Constantly looking over a shoulder,

Let down that it was someone else, relieved it was someone else.

The Ice is Getting Thinner

Courtni Vecchiarelli, Photo by Jessyel Ty Gonzales