Do-Gooder’s Design Challenge: Recycled paper, recycled litter, recycled fashion

Do-Gooders Design Challenge

Photos Courtesy of Do-Gooders Design Challenge

Yesterday’s News®, a brand of environmentally conscious pet litter, has announced the Do-Gooder Design Challenge, where top eco fashion designers will compete by creating garments out of recycled newspaper. The designs will be unveiled in New York City in fall of 2010 at the Green Catwalk Event, and then will be auctioned with proceeds benefiting eco-friendly charities.

The Nestle Purina Pet Care Company created Yesterday’s News® in efforts to reduce paper waste. The recycled paper litter helps to divert paper from becoming carbon waste, and is where the idea for the Do-Gooder Design Challenge was born.

“As a cat owner and green living expert, I am a strong believer in the benefits of making good, green choices every day for our cats, home and environment to make our world a better place,” said Renee Loux, green living author, TV personality and spokesperson for the Yesterday’s News® Do-Gooder Design Challenge.  “As the annual Earth Day celebration begins, I am joining forces with Yesterday’s News, a wonderful eco-friendly product that takes items that have the potential to end up in the waste stream and turns them into a cat litter, for this fun design challenge to help educate millions of cat owners that going green is in fashion all year-round.”

The designers that are competing in the challenge are Lara MillerSamantha Pleet, RESTORE Clothing, Bahar Shahpar, and Nahui Ollin. All of the designers are extremely passionate about living green and living fashionably, and the designs that they are creating this summer are sure to impress eco fashionistas everywhere.

Yesterday's NewsCat owners are also invited to join in on the sustainable fun by competing in a national contest to design a stylish handbag, inspired by Yesterday’s News® recyclable packaging. To compete, fashion gurus are encouraged to visit the Do-Gooder Design Challenge website and use the online application to create a bag, choosing from a variety of shapes, patterns, colors and purse accessories for their design. Three “it” bag creations will be chosen to be made into actual handbags, and will be debuted at the Green Catwalk Event this September.

Event attendees will also be able to attend the Green Workshop to learn how to “do good” for their home and environment, with the team of Do-Gooder designers available to answer questions about their newspaper fashions and provide tips for green design and living. The event is free and open to the public. Yesterday’s News® is finally taking their green attitude from the “cat”-walk of pet products to the catwalk of fashion.