Eco baby clothes: Ethical consumption from the cradle

Eco baby fashions

Photo credits: Vyssan Lull,

Eco-friendly baby clothing is all the new rage, and Vyssan Lull, a collection of Scandinavian inspired tiny fashions, knows how to ethically style your little one this summer.

The concept began with the vision of founder Johanna Lillpers while raising her own child, Emma. As a first time parent, Johanna found herself constantly searching for baby clothing that met her own standards of health and environmental safety, while still maintaining superior design, original style and maximum comfort. With experience in the fashion industry, Johanna decided to stop her seemingly endless quest to start her own company, bringing the best of eco fashion for babies to the US.

Sweden is a world leader in environmental consciousness, and all of the clothes sent to the states from Vyssan Lull are straight out of Scandinavian countries, while practicing fair trade in manufacture. Johanna’s vision was to share the best of her homeland’s designs with the world, so families everywhere could rest assured buying from an ethical company making responsible business choices while producing exceptional garments.

Vyssan Lull claims, “Our products are not only for Scandinavian families but anyone seeking ecological, high quality and fun children’s design. We are thrilled to introduce these unique products and look forward to share them with you, enjoy!”

Vyssan Lull (vyyshan loull) is the pronunciation of a popular Swedish lullaby, Byssan Lull, a song about comforting a loved one throughout a journey. Moms and babies alike will certainly be at rest when they see the adorable designs from VL, including jumpsuits, mod tunics (by Katvig), miniature moccasins (by Nodwali), harem pants (by Green Cotton), and retro-inspired prints, often incorporated with the unique handmade items crafted by several talented designer moms working for the sustainable company.

The website currently features twelve labels, all hand-picked using high standards and a set of detailed criteria. The materials must be either organic, eco-friendly or recycled as well as bold and colorful. When judging design, Vyssan Lull only associates with companies that provide clothes that are of high quality and outstanding durability. They also seek clothing that is mix-and-match-able, so items can be combined endlessly, creating a cohesive collection of versatile pieces.

Lillpers says, “There are many gorgeous designs out there, but if they do not follow the high standards I have set for Vyssan Lull, I will not include them.”

Vyssan Lull is the place to check out as you shop for summer outfits for your bundle of joy. Forget pink or blue; just go green!