Green perfumes by Tallulah Jane

Leotie by TJTallulah Jane is a company out of New York City that develops natural perfumes, allowing women everywhere to smell great without the fear of hurting the environment.

The company blends botanical essences, oils, resins and balsams with organic grape alcohol or jojoba to create five unique scents:Tallulah, Gotham, 333, Misae and Leotie. The fragrances are created in small batches, so each bottle is marginally different from the next, creating a unique, nature-inspired scent. Tallulah Jane is committed to never using unsustainable resources and creating products free of ingredients found in many less natural perfumes such as parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals. The natural perfume is synthetic free, vegan and is never tested on animals.

The self-titled scent, Tallulah, is described as “timeless yet nouveau.” Jasmine lovers everywhere will appreciate the jasmine and tuberose notes throughout the perfume.

Gotham was created using equal parts of Bloomsbury and Bay of Bengal, which creates a bold, exotic flavor. This scent is more robust than Tallulah, with earthy tones complementing spice and rose.”Triple threat” 333 combines three types of chamomile and lavender with three essences of citrus tree, petitgrain and bitter orange. The sophisticated trio is aristocratic with attitude.

Misae and Leotie, both eau de perfumes, are Tallulah Jane’s newest scents. Misae combines white and green florals with hints of wood, balsam and citrus, creating a fragrance reminiscent of a stroll in the gardens of Saint-Paul de Vence. It uses lemongrass and galbanum, which results in a fresh vividness. Misae also includes sandalwood from Vanuatu, adding a peppery, smoky woodiness. Like all Tallulah Jane’s fragrances, this unisex perfume is 100% natural.

Leotie takes a more feminine approach, which smells like a bouquet of meadow flowers. Like Misae, it smells of citrusy with notes of yuxu and geranium, but is less “forest-y.” With only a touch of cedar, Leotie offers a powdery freshness, with tones of vanilla-hay, cinnamon, rose, and lavender.

Tallulah Jane fragrances are all available at their website, or at, for $48 for the eau de perfumes and $58 for the heavier fragrances. If you can’t decide on a single bottle, sample sets can be purchased for only $15, which comes with your choice of three of their signature scents.

For those looking for an eco friendly product with a luxury scent, these natural fragrances are definitely worth a try. Take a deep breath and embrace the beautiful scent of ethical consumption!